The Latest List of Top-Paying IT Jobs

This is an exciting time to be a tech professional. Your skills are in high demand, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and if you’re good at what you do, you can write your own ticket for an amazing career. As you look toward the next step of your career, here is the latest list of top-paying IT jobs, according to PayScale’s 2016 IT Survey.

Senior Software Engineer

Median National Salary:  $97,355

Software engineers are eligible for senior positions after they’ve spent five or more years in the field.  They hold advanced degrees in one more areas: computer science, mathematics, web development and engineering. Entry- and mid-level software engineers report to a senior engineer, who oversees and takes ownership of the engineering team’s work.

IT Project Manager

Median National Salary: $84,118

IT project management is a fast-growing field. As systems and applications become more complex, project managers are critical for success. They are responsible for overseeing a project from end-to-end; managing budgets, coordinating tasks, working with clients, maintaining schedules and delegating work to appropriate team members. While certification is not always required, it is typically preferred, especially for people just breaking into the field. Looking to hire a project manager? Click here for 6 tips on for hiring a Rockstar project manager.

Software Engineer

Median National Salary: $81,397

Engineers typically hold advanced degrees in computer science and engineering and must be well versed in advanced mathematics principles. They write code, create applications, develop interfaces and ensure that programs perform their stated functions.

Software Developer

Median National Salary: $70,173

Developers create computer applications, and they are also tasked with customizing and creating new solutions for existing programs and systems. Responsibilities vary greatly from one job to the next, and most developers choose to focus on becoming experts in specific languages and platforms, as SMEs typically command higher salaries.

Network Engineer

Median National Salary: $63,956

Network engineers are responsible for high-level design and implementation of complex computer networks. They must be adept at working with operating systems, servers and security, and they also must have highly developed problem-solving skills.

Systems Administrator

Median National Salary: $60,905

Tasked with keeping a company’s computer systems running smoothly, systems administrators are in high demand. They get exposure to a variety of areas ranging from security monitoring to backups to protocols and procedures. Given the vast amount of responsibility heaped on their shoulders, the unique requirements for a systems administrator position can vary greatly from company to company.

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