5 Trends that Stood Out in 2017 and How They Will Evolve in 2018

January is a great time of year to take stock of where we’ve been and where we are headed in the tech sector. Here are five trends that stood out in 2018 and our thoughts on how they will continue to evolve in 2018.

The Internet of Things

Cars, refrigerators, wallets and even dog collars have found their way into the world of “smart” products. In both business and personal spheres, most Americans now interact with connected products several times a day.  In 2018, the IoT sector will continue to grow as technology becomes more refined and more affordable.

Artificial Intelligence

Almost every software platform on the market is working to integrate some form of AI into its capabilities. In 2017, AI was still something of a buzzword, but in 2018, artificial intelligence will become essential for companies looking to evolve and grow their relationships with customers. It will be critical, however, for companies to really investigate whether AI capabilities of a particular product can truly deliver on its promises because not every product or service that claims to be AI is truly AI.

Machine Learning

Similarly, machine learning made major advancements last year, changing the way we think about automation. In 2018, watch for machine learning to take over even more human tasks, though it is likely that those tasks will still fall into the categories of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Humans will still be required when tasks fall into more strategic categories that require context only humans can understand and deliver.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360-Degree Video

The internet has long been influencing our short American attention spans and video has emerged as our medium of choice when consuming information. VR and AR have been stuck in the “emerging” category thus far, but in 2018, watch for these technologies to step out into the mainstream as more companies utilize the technology to deliver interactive content to customers.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger system for cryptocurrency transactions that was still out on the fringe in 2017. However, as the process has become more proven in the market, it’s now being adopted by financial firms, cloud storage companies, payment companies, and even real estate firms.


The more data that passes through and is stored in cyberspace, the greater the need for innovations in cybersecurity.  2017 was a great year for hackers who pulled off massive attacks like the WannaCry virus and the Equifax data breach that impacted a majority of Americans. Companies are investing massive amounts of resources into staying a step ahead of breaches.

Leverage Tech Trends For 2018

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