5 Evergreen Careers in Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is a lucrative business, and companies must do everything they can to protect sensitive data. Businesses in every industry need cybersecurity professionals to ensure their information is kept out of the hands of criminals, and there is a huge demand for talent that isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. If you’re looking for secure jobs in this field, here are five that you can count on to exist for the long run.

  1. Security Consultant

For experienced cybersecurity pros who have a strong grasp of security protocols, the role of security consultant is ideal. Roles can vary greatly, but consultants are often brought in to help design new systems, or to improve existing systems. They may play a high-level planning and analysis role, or they may be leveraged for their expertise in one specific area. The beauty of a consultant role is that you get to work on many projects at a variety of organizations, providing diversity and freedom in your career.

  1. Security Auditor

Auditors are tasked with analyzing and verifying systems. Security auditors plan and oversee tests to measure the effectiveness of their organization’s security systems, components and protocols. They certify the results and communicate issues and weaknesses so that they can be shored up quickly and efficiently. Because security is not a set-it-and-forget-it function, the work of a security auditor is continuous.

  1. Security Investigators

Data theft is a crime, and every hack requires an investigation. Often, those investigations come in at least two forms: Law enforcement and internal. There is high demand for cybercrime investigators in both the public sector and the private sector, so whether you dream of being a member of a government task force or you’d prefer to work for a private company of a cybersecurity investigation firm, there are plenty of options available.

  1. Security Managers

There is upward mobility in the cybersecurity niche, and one of the first steps up the ladder is security manager. These professionals supervise security teams and assist in the creation of new strategies that improve security. Stepping into a management role means trading in some of your technical work for strategic work, but you will be exposed to more aspects of security functions and gain new perspectives.

  1. Cryptographers and Cryptanalyst

Cryptography is an integral part of any security process. Cryptographers and cryptanalysts make and break codes so that data can be transmitted and stored in a particular form, readable only to those who are intended to see it.  As hackers become more adept, skilled cryptographers and cryptanalysts will continue to be in high demand.

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