4 Ways to Find a New Job During Your Morning Commute

Americans spend an average of 100 hours per year commuting. That’s 100 hours of time flushed down the drain with each turn of the calendar. What if you could maximize that time to make your commute more useful, and ultimately, find a new tech job – perhaps even one with a shorter commute?

Public Transportation Commuters

Commuting by bus or rail can be stressful, but your eyes, hands and brain are free throughout your commute time. If you take public transportation, you have plenty of time to:

  • Write down your goals for your job search.
  • Browse and flag job openings on your mobile device.
  • Check in with connections on LinkedIn.
  • Make new connections on LinkedIn.
  • Study target employers.
  • Research potential job opportunities.
  • Stay updated on industry information on websites, blogs, trade journals and podcasts.
  • Reach out to recruiters in the tech industry.
  • Learn a new skill.

Driving Commuters

Drivers don’t have opportunities to read or write in the car, but the time spent inching along in traffic can be used to help you move your career forward. Instead of listening to songs you’ve heard a million times or listening to news that can stress you out even more, queue up an audiobook or podcast related to your area of expertise. You can also purchase audio-based skills training programs and even download lectures from college courses. Learning and growing is a productive way to pass the time while you wait your turn to merge into the exit lane.

Walking Commuters

While it could be tempting to keep your nose in your mobile device while you walk, distracted walking can be hazardous.  If you walk to work, or walk part way to work from a bus stop, train station or parking lot, use this time to keep your hands free, but still be productive through:

  • Listening to audiobooks about your industry or about job search tactics.
  • Listening to podcasts about your industry.
  • Thinking about potential anecdotes for your eventual interviews.
  • Picking up a copy of the local business journal at a newsstand to keep up with news.

Are You Looking for New Tech Jobs?

If you are a tech professional seeking opportunities to grow your career and perhaps shorten your commute to work, talk to the recruiters at Talon today. We will help match you opportunities to achieve your professional and personal goals.  Contact us to start the conversation.


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