4 Ways Your Hiring Strategy Must Shift Strategically This Year

How are your strategic tech hiring goals coming along for the new year?  We’re still in the early months of the calendar, but if one of your company’s goals was to improve hiring, it’s time to take a close look at your strategy. Here are four ways that your strategy should shift this year if you want to more effectively recruit, hire and retain top IT talent.

Focus on Agility

Business is booming in the US and many companies are reinvesting in their human capital. However, if there is one thing all hiring managers should know, it’s that change occurs quickly. Your long-term hiring strategy should include room for change. You might be planning on hiring 5 new full-time tech professionals, but at any point, budgets could tighten back up and priorities could shift. Build in contingencies like working with contractors and SMEs on major projects to ensures agility while maintaining your ability to access important skills.

Get Ready For Generation Z

In 2015 Millennials officially became the largest population in the workforce, and just when you got used to managing them, Generation Z started graduating. This younger generation has even greater expectations than Millennials in terms of technology. If you expect them to drive your systems, they expect you to provide them with the best tools. If your company isn’t keeping pace with trends, they’ll find a business that does.

Conduct Recruiting Marketing

If your corporate recruiting team isn’t actively marketing, you’re going to continue to lose the battle for talent this year. Digital marketing is absolutely critical for success in today’s tech market. The technology sector is working at virtually full employment, which means true talent is already employed and they aren’t seeking you out. You must leverage digital strategies to connect with and attract passive talent if you hope to remain competitive.

Utilize Data

Everybody knows that companies using data to make decisions outperform their competitors. This is also true when it comes to recruiting. Companies that use data are making better, faster hiring decisions than companies that are not invested in data. The right tools can help you determine which sourcing channels are working best, data can help you measure the health of your pipeline, the true cost of recruiting for positions and more. Data can also help you predict which candidates are most likely to succeed over the long-term.

Are You Ready To Overhaul Your Tech Hiring Process?

Building and implementing an effective strategic hiring plan isn’t easy, especially when you have a million other priorities to juggle. However, there is a way to instantly modernize your approach and leverage tools like digital marketing, passive recruiting, and analytics to access top talent.

Talon is a market leader in tech recruiting with a proven track record of helping companies control costs while improving the speed and quality of their tech hires. Contact us today to learn how our strategies can help you win the battle for talent, fast.


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