4 Job Search Tips for Developers

Developers are in high demand, but don’t let the number of open positions fool you into thinking that landing your ideal job will be a piece of cake. Competition is fierce, and you must take steps to differentiate yourself if you want to attract the attention of hiring managers. Here are four actionable tips you can use to improve your chances with your target companies.

Prepare To Be Tested

More and more companies require developers to prove their skills through formal tests. These tests vary in complexity and may require you to demonstrate general skills or they may require you to write code or solve problems. Therefore, you want to be sure that your resume is an accurate, honest representation of your skill sets and levels of expertise.

Don’t Write Off Your Legacy Skills

Many large companies continue to work with legacy systems, and it can be difficult to find developers today who still have strong skills in things like Fortran and COBOL. It might be tempting to remove “outdated” skills from your resume, but they paint a picture of where you have come in your career and may prove useful throughout the course of your job search.

Join Open Source Projects

Open source projects allow you to display your skills to employers while contributing to real-world projects that you believe in. These projects are a great place to develop leadership skills and demonstrate your ability to work well with a team, and developers get the added bonus of working on passion projects in their spare time. Since these platforms are well respected in the field, you can showcase your achievements in open-source, without fear of taking away from your paid work experience.

Partner With An Insider

Finding your ideal development job with a great organization is far easier said than done in today’s environment. Without insider connections, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. It can also be a challenge to know whether or not you will thrive at a company based on a few interviews with hiring teams.

If you want to truly give yourself an edge and increase the odds that you will find that perfect position, partner with an expert recruiter in the development niche. They have a wide network of contacts in the field, and they have an inside line on the hottest open jobs. Additionally, they will work closely with you to put you in a position to use your skills, grow as a professional and achieve your career goals. A  top-notch IT staffing firm will work with you to format your resume to highlight skills that they know will stand out to the hiring manager.  A good recruiter will also prepare you for an interview to boost your interview performance and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

If you are an experienced developer looking to take the next step in your career, partner with the tech recruiting experts at Talon today. Together, we will put your career on a trajectory for success. Contact us today to jump-start your job search.


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