3 Ways to Stay on Top of Security

Connectivity has changed the way business is done and those changes are for the better. Technology has sped up the pace of commerce, broken down geographic barriers, increased the pace of innovation and in many ways, leveled the playing field between enterprises and startups. However, technology has a dark side. With every advancement comes a new security vulnerability, and no company – no matter its size – wants to be on the receiving end of a data breach.  Here are three ways you and your tech team can stay on top of security.

Make Employee Training A Priority

It’s not just your IT team that needs to worry about security – it’s every employee on your payroll. Your “average” non-techie employee likely doesn’t understand their role in keeping systems and data secure, so it’s up to the organization to teach them in a way that they will relate to, understand and retain.

Training should tie every employee to information security, and help them see that simple, innocuous actions can lead to vulnerabilities. For example, using company technology on public WIFI, leaving a laptop unattended in a coffee shop, clicking on links in emails without verifying their source, etc., can all lead to trouble.  Forward-thinking companies train, train, and retrain and they also run drills to keep employees on their toes. For example, many companies send out fake ransomware emails to see how many employees click on them. Drills and reinforcement are important to ensuring that every employee prioritizes information security.

Keep On Top Of Security Risks

No organization can afford to take a reactionary approach to security, updating systems and policies right before an audit.  Only a real-time, agile approach can help keep your systems and information secure.  Technology evolves at a breakneck pace and internal security teams need to stay one step ahead of those developments and corresponding threats.

Consider actions like maintaining a database of vulnerabilities, making updates and patches mandatory and non-negotiable, subscribing tech pros to blogs, webinars and journals that focus on security, and offering incentives for tech team members who attend security seminars and classes.

Hire The Right People

Policies, procedures, and a company culture that emphasizes security can only take you so far. In truth, the security of your systems and data is only as good as the team you have in place to protect them. If you want to stay on top of security, you must hire people who not only have the right skills, but who also value ongoing learning and who are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to developing security protocols and systems.

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