3 Ways to Prepare for A Career In VR

Virtual reality (VR) is poised to change our lives as much as – if not more than – the rise of the smartphone. There are billions of dollars flowing into VR investment right now, and innovations and advancements are moving at a rapid pace. This means that the job market for VR professionals is booming.  If you are a tech professional looking to make the leap into this thrilling field, you need to take some important steps before embarking on a VR job search.

Get Your Skills Up To Speed

Demand for VR candidates was up nearly 40% over last year, and companies are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill those jobs. Tech pros that are looking to get involved with VR need to beef up their skills in 3D modeling, graphics development, game development and C/C++ programming.

Hardware engineers who have experience in PC and cell phone technologies likely have transferable skills or skills to build on for VR, since much of the hardware technology is based on computers and mobile devices.  The key focus for VR hardware is increased performance, improved optics fidelity, optimized battery life and connectivity capabilities.

Study The Market

While Oculus, Samsung, Facebook and Google are the current major players in virtual reality, most of the jobs in VR are actually with startups and small businesses. Those small VR companies aren’t just about gaming and entertainment. Virtual reality is making its mark and making a difference in industries like construction, engineering, healthcare, tourism, automotive, education, the military and more.

With VR creeping into so many niches, the industry is expected to grow at a rapid pace. Companies all over the country will be looking for people who have VR skills, but who also understand the niche in which the VR application will operate. Tech pros who have nice industry experience and understand the business impact of their work will stand out among the competition.

Build Your Network

Breaking into a new field isn’t always easy.  It pays to start building connections so you can hear about open positions, build your list of references and get your name circulating in the VR community. Growing your network is also a good way to learn current VR professionals. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their career path, what struggles they faced and how they overcame any roadblocks.

Start by joining VR communities on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, join professional VR organizations and sign up for conferences. When you attend in-person events, make a commitment to meet new people and really focus on building strong connections. Remember it’s not always what you know, but who you know that makes a difference.

Are You Looking for A Job In Virtual Reality?

If you are a skilled IT or VR professional looking to grow your career by seeking new challenges with innovative companies, the recruiters at Talon want to hear from you. We can match you with a position that will help you utilize your talents and achieve your professional goals. Contact us today to learn more.


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